Cigar Guide Part I: Anatomy

Can you give me a brief on the anatomy of a cigar?
Sure. It always helps to know which end is which and what everything is called. The majority of cigars come with one open end (the foot) which is the end that you will light. The other end (the head) is the end that you must cut, and through which you will draw air and delicious smoke. To make life easier, the band is most often placed near the head. Cigar Parts A cigar is composed of three types of tobacco; the Filler (the guts), the Binder (which holds the filler together) and the Wrapper (which holds everything together).The FillerThe filler can be from any part of the tobacco plant. The top of the plant usually produces the strongest flavor, while the bottom produces the tobacco with the best burning properties. Most cigars have blended fillers (fillers from varying parts of the plant and varying sources) to achieve the correct taste and burning qualities.

What is a "Premium" cigars The term "premium", when applied to cigars, indicates that it is not a machine made, mass market style of cigar. In order to be classified as such, it will have the following characteristics: Premium cigars are constructed from three parts; The filler, the binder, and the wrapper. The filler is the interior of the cigar. When a cigar is examined from the open end, the filler can be seen as the leaves that are twisted in spirals within the center of the cigar. When the term "long filler" is used, it means that the filler was constructed from full leaves. These leaves are picked, stored, and aged intact, and are obviously handled with great care. Rolling long filler cigars takes great skill to insure that it burns evenly and smoothly. The second type of filler is short filler. Short filler consists of loose clippings of leaves that are leftover from the long filler production, or leaves that broke anywhere along the cultivation process. Premium short filler cigars are made from 100% tobacco leaves, but just not the same leaf from end to end. Short filler cigars are still technically considered to be "premium", so long as the cigar is still completely hand made, and is constructed only from pure, untreated or unhomogenized tobacco. The next part of the cigar consists of several layers of leaves that encircle the spirals of filler. These layers are termed "binder". As the name implies, it forms the filler into a circular shape, so that the next, and final component, the wrapper, can be applied.

What is a puro cigars
A puro is a cigar that was made entirely from the tobaccos of one county. An example of the most well known Puros are Cuban cigars. In Cuba, the filler, binder, and wrapper is all grown in Cuba. Cigar manufacturers who make Puros consider it a great honor to be able to achieve a such a level of sufficiency, as it gives them more control over the consistency and quality of the finished product. The difficulty in acquiring the necessary native ingredients in producing a puro make them very rare indeed. Other than Cuban cigars, which are unavailable in the American market, there are only a handful of Puros out there. The Breton Corojo Vintage, Corojo2000, and the Opus X are all excellent quality Dominican Puros.
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Universal Exclusives

  • Southern Draw Kudzu

    Handcrafted in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Kudzu is Southern Draw’s inaugural cigar specially blended to complement the robust styles of craft brews, boutique wines and spirits. The velvety, oily wrapper is a beautiful aged Habano Oscuro with solid construction evident from the first touch. Along with rich flavor and a full bodied double fermented wrapper, are fillers and binders of premium aged Cuban seed Nicaraguan tobaccos. The blend offers subtle notes of spice, cedar and cocoa. Each cigar has been hand rolled and aged to perfection, allowing the flavors to marry. The temperature and burn rate produce an even, clean white ash. Each cigar has a guarantee perfect draw because every cigar is draw tested to exacting standards.

  • Padilla San Andres

    Padilla cigars are known for their high ratings, depth of flavor, and incredible construction. All Padilla blends are harvested in small batch, and they company’s meticulous attention to detail is clearly evident in the popularity of the brand. The Padilla San Andrés, made in Honduras by Raices Cubanas, is another highly rated Padilla offering. The San Andres is contructed with a naturally sweet tasting Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper. Medium to full in body, the spicy Nicaraguan long fillers offset the sweeter San Andrés leaf for a complex smoke stacked with layers of sweet wood, spice, leathery notes, and dark chocolate.

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